AEF - Adaptive Enterprise Foundations
Formats: On site & Online
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All people, and mainly members of a Management Committee who need to set up a transformation plan in their company.
Any company which wishes to rethink its model to set up winning advantages.
Job function : Supply Chain team member, Project manager, Finance, General manager.


Get a certification from the Demand Driven Institute and launch a transformation project in your company.


- Discover the key business challenges of a company: marketing, finance, operations, sales, ...

- Identify the guiding principles of a company that will adapt to a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Adaptive world (VUCA)

- Manage effectively the development of the skills needed for a company today

- Implement through a case study a transformation plan for a company with several prisms (employee, manager, shareholder)

- Prepare the AEF certification from DDI

- Understand the concepts with practical exercises and use case.


- Having teams with a common vocabulary and common tools on the basic themes of Supply Chain Management

- Recognize the skills of its teams with globally recognized certification

- Spreading new skills to lead transformations in a VUCA world

- Put the teams in postures of management change of management of the company


No prerequisites


  • MODULE 1 : The New Normal in Industry

    - The Company and its Variable Environment

    - Concepts of Supply Chain Management

    MODULE 2 : Traditional Processes and Tools

    - Fundamental Processes of all Companies

    - Conventional IT Tools and Planning Systems

    MODULE 3 : Giants of Industrial Flow

    - Modern Flow Based Systems

    - Demand Driven Flow

    MODULE 4 : From Linear to Adaptive

    - Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise

    - Maturity Model to Become Adaptive


  • Educational Tools

    - Training support

    - Educational game

    - Book "The Missing links"

    AGILEA's +

    - Registration for the certification exam included.

    - A team of trainers certified by the Demand Driven Institute.

    - Individual email or telephone support provided by the trainer for any questions about the training.

    - The experience of the first training organization to cover the entire DDI program.


Choose your format

  • Certification
  • DDI
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Global Company Management
  • Adaptive Enterprise
  • Next Generation Company
Duration: 2 days
Cost: $1000
Included: the certification exam + midday meals



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  • Certification
  • DDI
  • Online
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Global Company Management
  • Adaptive Enterprise
  • Next Generation Company
Duration: 4 sessions of 4 hours
Cost: $900
Included: the certification exam



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"Very educational, realistic, and relevant. Through the game I kept in mind the strengths of this training. I recommend this training; efficient, constructive exchanges, teaching applicable immediately, trainers involved ..."

Dalal F.

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