AGILEA partners with LeanDNA to propose an innovative IT solution for your inventory optimization
  • AGILEA and its partners

To propose the best solution to our customers AGILEA launch a partnership with LeanDNA an easy-to-use solution that provides prescriptive decision for your procurement & purchasing teams.  


The industrial and economic environment is becoming more complex and is driving manufacturers to be more resilient. 

Actual inventory management solutions don't allow Supply Chain managers to increase visibility and make decision-making difficult. 


LeanDNA & AGILEA is a dedicated supply chain support, combining AGILEA expertise in Supply Chain transformation and LeanDNA software solution.

As a pioneer in the supply chain's innovative practices, AGILEA supports its customers for over ten years in Supply Chain Management.


LeanDNA is a dynamic AI-based inventory optimization solution deployed at 250 production sites in 17 countries.


We offer you complete support with methods and an IT solution to solve your Supply Chain problems within 4 months.

  • Increase visibility and flow management
  • Define an operational inventory management model
  • Avoid value-added activities with an agile tool
  • Manage supply chain skills
  • Create a cooperative supply chain with your partners
  • Reduce risk by improving visibility
  • Design an adaptive supply chain on customer demand





 For a free demonstration of the LeanDNA tool & AGILEA approach, contact our team.

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