Are you looking for a Supply Chain skills assessment of your teams ?
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AGILEA team proposes a complete and digital Supply chain skills assessment for your team

Are you looking to get the global view of your Supply Chain team skills? 
We propose to assess your team and provide you the global view and the training plan (operational & theoretical) 

We propose to support your teams’ Supply Chain skills assessment through 3 technical steps :


Assessment validation

  • Assessment material customization                (We adapt our tools and assessment regarding your environment) 
  • Assessment material co-validation with the management team

Assessment running with each participant

  • Digital self-assessment (remote)
  • Interviews & Use case (remote or on-site)

Global assessment analysis and report

  • Individual report discussed directly with each participant
  • Complete skills statement for the management
  • Training & improvement program for individual
  • Skills Roadmap for the teams





Job to assess, Operational & Managers

  • Supply Chain manager
  • Operations 
  • Buyers
  • Planning
  • Inventory manager
  • S&OP manager 
  • Project manager
  • Supplier Manager
  • Production manager
  • ....




All team members working in the supply chain ... 

Within a month you could get the complete view of your team skills level