Are you Serious ?
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Are you really Serious?


As training center we are sensitive on pedagogical approach and what could be the most effective for the participant of our supply chain and project management training.

Operators, engineers, students, high manager, … we have multiple profiles of trainees.

One common thing for all of them, the serious game is the most effective pedagogical method to get the operationality of the theory!

Digitalisation is nowadays and a future way of working.

For every training, we propose a serious game and moreover we developed our digital serious games.





You need to develop your skills to:

  • Work on Value Stream Mapping (VSM) project, we have a virtual factory,
  • Simulate a supply chain with multiple actors and see the bullwhip effect,
  • Manage the bullwhip with DDMRP Buffers
  • Manage Work Orders on the shop floor 
  • ....