CPIM Part 2 - APICS Certified in Planning and Inventory Management
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Experienced professionals who are willing to deep-dive on Supply Chain Management topics and validate their skills with a certification. Supply Chain managers, Planning managers, Operations managers, wishing to develop and validate their skills in Supply Chain Management, in detail, in particular on the planning and management processes.


Supply Chain Director, Operations Director/COO, Information System Manager, Warehouse Manager, Flow Performance Manager, Material Planning Manager, Supply Chain manager, Continuous improvement leaders, Consultant, …


- Take charge of and formalize all planning and flow management processes, from upstream to downstream

- Ensure load / capacity adequacy at all levels of business planning

- Coordinate projects to improve operational performance: customer service, cash flow, financial assets

- Monitor best practices for managing a supply chain


- Recognize the skills of its teams by preparing them for an international certification

- Train your leaders to contribute to business transformation plans

- Have state-of-the-art employees in terms of Supply Chain practices


Participants should have at least 3 years of professional experience, a minimum level of Bachelor.
It is necessary to reserve time for personal work to be prepared for the class and the certification (3 hours to 5 per week).


  • MODULE 1 : Master Planning of Resources (MPR)

    - Identification and management of demand

    - Development of the Production Plan and the Master Production Program

    - Management of a physical distribution system

    MODULE 2 : Detailed Scheduling and Planning (DSP)

    - Calculation of net requirements to carry out the Master Production Program

    - Operations planning and detailed load calculation

    - Procurement planning and supplier partnerships

    - Inventory management

    - Project management

    MODULE 3 : Execution and Control of Operations (ECO)

    - Execution of manufacturing schedules and priority management (scheduling)

    - Performance evaluation

    - Quality and continuous improvement

    - Simultaneous engineering to design products and processes

    MODULE 4 : Strategic Management of Resources (SMR)

    - Strategic resource planning

    - Environmental Scan

    - Configuration and integration of business processes

    - Implementation of change and overall performance management


  • Educational tools

    - Training support; APICS Learning System

    - Plan about 5 hours of personal work per week

    AGILEA's +

    - Registration for the APICS certification exam included.

    - An online quiz and course support platform for exam practice, with a database of over 450 APICS questions.

    - Individual email or telephone support provided by the trainer for any questions about the training.

    - Our trainers' experience: our trainers are ASCM Endorsed Instructors validated and have a strong industrial Supply Chain background.


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  • Certification
  • MRP2
Duration: 8 days on site+ 1 online session
Cost: $ 2 600
Included: the APICS certification exam + the midday meals



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Contact us: +1 858 349 0086 or contact.usa@agilea-group.com.

  • Certification
  • MRP2
  • Online
Duration: 15 webinars + 1 exam preparation
Cost: $ 2 400
Included: the APICS certification exam



Do you have a disability?
Contact us: +1 858 349 0086 or contact.usa@agilea-group.com.



"Very good CPIM training! Relevant supports, logistics (room, raps ...) perfect, expertise of the trainers (answers to questions) very good but a fairly sustained pace of personal work for which you have to be prepared! "



"Excellent CPIM organization! Numerous questionnaires to check the assimilation of knowledge and readings between the sessions which make it possible to properly prepare the sessions. "




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