CSCP - APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional
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Experienced professionals willing to deep-dive on Supply Chain Management topics and validate them with a certification. Supply Chain directors, Operations directors, Supply Chain transformations directors, Project directors, wishing a training with a broader view of the Supply Chain.


Supply Chain management professions, Supply Chain Director, Operations Director/COO, Information System Manager, Warehouse Manager, Flow Manager, Consultant, …


- Aknowledge Supply Chain competences with an End-to-end vision

- Identify the future organisational performance objectives

- Planning from suppliers until the customers

- Be able to define Production Plans and Logistics Plans to align demand and supply and get optimal Customer Service Level


- Aknowledge employees competences with a recognized  international certification

- Train leaders that support the Supply Chain transformation plan of their company

- Maintain state-of-the-art employees in terms of Supply Chain practice


A certificate of eligibility must be obtained beforehand on the ASCM website.
We suggest that participants have knowledges in fundamentals of manufacturing management or logistics (as CPIM Part 1 ou FMIL).
It is necessary to be able to dedicate between 5 and 10 hours weekly of howework for reading and preparing the sessions.


  • MODULE 1 : The fundamentals of Supply Chain Management

    - Principles of integrated logistics management

    - Implement the strategy throughout the supply chain

    - Key points to plan and control capital assets

    - Identify market segments

    - Forecasting techniques

    - Effective customer relationship

    MODULE 2 : Supply Chain Strategy and Master Plan

    - Design and manage operations in a sustainable way 

    - Performance metrics

    - Identify risks, their impact and quota rules

    - International flow management

    - Factors influencing demand (product design and marketing)

    - Key principles of customer relations

    - Key principles of supplier relations

    - Inventory planning and management

    MODULE 3 : Implementation of Operational Management

    - Managing the dynamics of a supply chain: responsiveness and efficiency

    - Manage internal and external procurement logistics

    - Implement demand plans: prioritize, deliver, collect and communicate sales data

    - Techniques and tools for a continuous improvement approach


  • Educational tools

    - Training support; APICS Learning System

    - Plan about 7 hours of personal work per week

    AGILEA's +

    - Registration for the APICS certification exam included.

    - CSCP Learning System: Official volumes with session slides, comments and exercises.

    - Individual email or telephone support provided by the trainer for any questions about the training.

    - The experience of our trainers: all are APICS Endorsed Instructors validated and have strong experience in the industry.


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Duration: 10 webinars of 2h30
Cost: $2 600
Included: the APICS certification exam



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" Very rich and well-conducted training. Many practical cases (real customer situations) are presented and explained."

Nour Eddine B.


" Very transversal training, presenting several areas of Supply Chain Management. Leads to take height and have a more global vision of the company / business.

Added value of the facilitator: explanations, examples ..."

Hélène D.



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