DDL - Demand Driven Leader
Format: On site & Online
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Any Supply Chain professional evolving in a volatile, uncertain and complex environment.
People who are already engaged in a DDMRP implementation project.
All job function: purchasing, procurement, planning, operational logistics, distribution, scheduling, warehousing, etc.


People in charge of implementing the DDMRP approach such as Supply Chain Manager, Operations Manager, S&OP Manager.


- Strengthen your skills in planning / production management

- Understand the problematics of current planning methods

- Understand and apply the principles of inventory buffer, time buffer and capacity buffer (full Demand Driven Operating Model)

- Being a leader on a Supply Chain transformation project based on DDMRP methodology


- Train one or more leaders capable of leading deep transformations in the company's Supply Chain management.

- Have teams with a common vocabulary and tools and capable of adopting a change management posture in the management of the company.

- Spreading new skills to lead transformations in a VUCA world

- Recognize the skills of its teams with globally recognized certification


Have basic knowledge of industrial management (MRP, Lean ...).


  • The training covers the principles of the Adaptive Demand-Driven Enterprise (DDAE), through the following 7 modules:

    - Today's Organizational Challenges

    - Conventional Challenges to Flow

    - A New Management Model Emerges

    - The Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM), the Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP), Scheduling Driven by Demand and Execution

    - Flow-Based Metrics (Smart Metrics)

    - Demand Driven Sales and Operations Planning - DD S&OP

    - The Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Model Development Path

    Workshop " The Demand Driven Operating Model in practice "

    - Practical examples of time and capacity buffer management

    - Demonstration of an IT solution supporting the Demand Driven Operating Model (DDOM) & DD&SOP of Demand Driven Technologies

    - Align the buffers of the Demand Driven Operating Model and business strategy - practical example of DDS&OP

    - Feedback from DDMRP projects, testimonials from companies


  • Educational Tools

    - Training material

    - Certification exercices (Quizzes)

    AGILEA's +

    - Registration for the certification exam included.

    - A team of trainers certified by the Demand Driven Institute.

    - Individual email or telephone support provided by the trainer for any questions about the training.

    - Our experience feedback based on more than 30 large-scale industrial projects.


Choose your format

  • Certification
  • DDI
  • Demand Driven MRP
  • Inventory Management
  • Lead Time Management
Duration: 2 days + 1/2 day workshop
Cost: $1 200
Included: The certification exam + midday meals



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  • Certification
  • DDI
  • Online
  • Demand Driven MRP
  • Inventory Management
  • Lead Time Management
Duration: 3 days + 1/2 day workshop
Cost: $ 1 300 (+ $100 serious game)
Included: The certification exam



Do you have a disability?
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"This training offers a prospect of quickly achievable improvement. It is practical, factual, well-argued. "

Valérie P.


"Program which fully meets the expectations of group supply chain managers, flow and finance coordinators. Gives a global vision (operational, tactical, strategic ...). "

Opile D.



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