DDMRP Project

Support you on Demand Driven implementation project


  • Demand Driven Model implementation package
  • Demand Driven tool implementation support
  • Training and Coaching on the implementation with digital game 


  • Lead time reduction 
  • Improve your delivery performance to 95% (On-time delivery) 
  • Reduce your inventory level by 50 %
  • Worldwide leader of DDMRP implementation project with success

Industrial Market


What is Demand Driven Supply Chain ?


The Supply Chains of today have to manage variabilities from customers to suppliers flows. Forecasts are not the keys to managing our complex Supply Chain.

A Demand Driven Supply chain is a global process based on demand signals, manage material and information flow regarding velocity metrics.

One of the components of the Demand Driven Supply Chain is the Demand Driven Requirement Planning (DDMRP). 

DDMRP is an innovative pull methodology to plan manufacturing flows and manage inventories and capacities regarding adaptative buffers. 

  • Are you looking for a solution to manage differently your Supply Chain? 

  • Are you looking to create ROI in your Supply Chain? 

  • Are you looking to be a Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise?

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Why do you need to implement a Demand Driven Supply Chain? Our article is HERE 


Prepare your DDMRP implementation with AGILEA

Discover how operationally prepare a Demand Driven MRP project for your Supply Chain. 
AGILEA supports your teams to understand and translate the methodology in your own process. 
We designed 3 workshops of 1/2 days to get how operationally implement the methodology & its tools : 
  • Workshop 1: Understand what is behind the theory 
    • Introduction to the concepts of the method, refresh for all the project team 
    • Flow simulation game to play with the buffer and get the impact of the parameters 
    • Use case presentation of DDMRP implementations 
  • Workshop 2: Steps and tools of your Demand Driven project 
    • How to define a DD project team 
    • Tools to prepare the project 
    • Concretely how to define the buffer positions 
    • Calculation of the inventory impact level 
    •  What will be the tasks of the Planner tomorrow?  
  • Workshop 3: Is your project DDMRP on the right rails? 
    • Support by the AGILEA team on your Demand Driven Supply chain project 

Next training sessions 2021: 

- Demand Driven Planner, Online , Registration Link 



DDMRP Project Implementation


Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning is a formal multi-echelon planning and execution method to protect and promote the flow of relevant information through the establishment and management of strategically placed decoupling point stock buffers.

AGILEA is a strong partner of Demand Driven Institue and we have already implemented DDMRP in several companies working on manufacturing markets,

We propose training and operational support for your DDMRP implementation. 


Implementation process of DDMRP designed by AGILEA :