Delivery Performance

Improve your Supply Chain performance by decreasing your lead time, reduce your wrong stocks and get visibility of your global supply chain. 


  • Supply Chain Diagnosis
  • Flow mapping
  • Supply Chain process


  • Increase your OTD to 95%
  • Reduce your stock of 40%
  • Get the global visibility of the supply Chain (internal & external)

Industrial Market


Supply Chain Diagnosis


We analyze your processes, activities, organization and data to give you the actual overview of your Supply Chain performance.

Then we propose you to set up quick wins and transformation plan to improve your delivery performance.

Diagnosis sequences designed by AGILEA 


Delivery performance optimization


We support you on your Supply Chain transformation projects. 

Our support encompasses the following fields 

  • On Time Delivery
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI) board implementation 
  • Inventory policy definition and management
  • Control Tower definition 

Flow mapping


We map your supply chain networks to :

  • Define your Global lead Time
  • Identify the bottleneck
  • Supplier performance mapping
  • Determine the strategic stocks & buffers
  • Define the collaborative process approach 

We propose workshops with your teams to define the improvement plan and supply chain project to launch.

We use different types of technologies to map your flow, depending on your needs.