Demand Driven Planner
Duration : 6 Webinars of 3hours - ONLINE Version 2020
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This training is a certification course from the Demand Driven Institute (DDI).

It allows you to discover the new planning and execution technique for industry and distribution: Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning or DDMRP.



> Understand the DDMRP method and its application to create a sustainable competitive advantage

> Be able to implement a DDMRP model in an industrial environment (production and/or distribution), based on stock buffers.

> Prepare for the Demand Driven Institute's DDPP certification


The training is aimed at a wide audience of supply chain teams, buyers, planners, procurement, ...etc.

  • ONLINE sessions - 6 Webinars

    The training covers the principles necessary for a DDMRP implementation through the following 13 modules:

    > Planning in the modern world

    > The importance of the flow

    > Discover a solution - Decouple

    > Become "Demand Driven"

    > Positioning of strategic stocks

    > Positioning in a distribution network

    > Buffer profiles and levels

    > Dynamic buffers adjustments

    > Demand-led planning

    > Collaborative and visible execution

    > DDMRP and the operating environment

    > Demand-Driven Operation Model (DDOM) and Demand-Driven S&OP (DDS&OP)

    > Synthesis of the training


    > The experience of the leading training organization Demand Driven worldwide

    > A team of 4 trainers certified by the Demand Driven Institute

    > Our feedback based on more than 30 large-scale industrial projects

    > Use of our Digital serious game to see the main impact on the methodology