Demand Driven Supply Chain Workshop
Format: Online
  • workshop


People interested to discover a new Supply Chain method.


Supply Chain Manager, Operations Manager, S&OP Manager, planner, Buyer, procurement, Supply Chain project Manager; Continous improvement leader


- Discover the DDMRP methodology, Demand Driven Method.

- Understand the dysfunctions of current planning methods.

- Become familiar with the calculation of buffers.


- Have a team initiated to the basic principles of DDMRP.

- Improve the decision-making process at the heart of your supply chain.

- Bring better visibility to your supply chain.


No prerequisites


  • The training takes place in 4 parts:

    - Supply Chain simulation in MRPII mode with the Flow Simulation Game

    - Introduction to the DDMRP methodology

    - Supply Chain simulation in DDMRP mode with the Flow Simulation Game

    - Debrief and Questions/Answers

    Le Flow Simulation Game est un jeu interactif et digital développé par les équipes AGILEA. Il vous permettra de comprendre les enjeux de la supply chain en prenant la place de l'un des maillons de la chaine.

    AGILEA offers you an online gaming session to discover DDMRP.

    Do your current piloting methods allow you to meet market requirements?

    What are your levers for managing the complexity of your Supply Chain combined with the variability of demand?

    The DDMRP methodology will allow you to improve decision-making processes at the heart of your supply chain by providing better visibility. Take part in this online session and discover the impacts of the implementation of the DDMRP!


  • Educational Tools

    - Access to the digital game ; the Flow Simulation Game

    - Documents

    AGILEA's +


    - A team of trainers certified by the Demand Driven Institute.

    - Individual email or telephone support provided by the trainer for any questions about the training.

    - Our experience feedback based on more than 30 large-scale industrial projects.


Choose your format

  • Demand Driven Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Simulation Workshop
  • Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Lead Time Management
Duration: 3,5 hours
Cost: $90
Included: access to the serious game


"Very interactive speaker, interesting training and which breaks the codes of traditional videoconferencing, thanks to permanent exchanges with the public and the use of dynamic tools."



"Fun and formative training which is adapted in an academic context and in an industrial context."



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