Demand Driven Workshops
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Discover how operationally prepare a Demand Driven MRP project for your Supply Chain.

Video Feedback of the Planning Manager of GKN Aerospace: HERE


AGILEA supports your teams to understand and translate the methodology in your own process.

We did 2 workshops of 1/2 days :

Workshop 1: Understand what is behind the theory

  • Introduction to the concepts of the method, refresh for all the project team
  • Flow simulation game to play with the buffer and get the impact of the parameters
  • Use case presentation of DDMRP implementations

Workshop 2: Steps and tools of your Demand Driven project

  • How to define a DD project team
  • Tools to prepare the project
  • Concretely how to define the buffer positions
  • Calculation of the inventory impact level
  • What will be the tasks of the Planner tomorrow? 



Next step: Start the pilot!