Digital Games to train your teams 

Improve your Supply Chain performance by training your teams with digital serious games. 


Flow Simulation Game


What is the Flow Simulation Game? 


A digital serious game for Supply Chain Training & Workshops where players have the role of Supply Chain manager of a company. 

This game is proposing to simulate a Supply Chain in order to introduce the management of Customers' demand, Suppliers' order book, inventory levels, backlog ... It can be played on an MRPII and DDMRP environment. 

This game could be played online or on-site. 


You have multiple choice of usage: 

> Ask for a Workshop with this game

> Ask to be an instructor of the game and buy tokens to play with your teams


"Flawless demo of the Zen ease with which we benefit from a higher variability with DDMRP buffers... Bravo!" Caroline Mondon, DDMRP Instructor

Virtual Factory


How to create a Value Stream Mapping? 

In this game, the teams are immersed in the AGILEA Virtual Factory, playing the role of the continuous improvement team. 

Their objectives: speak with the operators, get the details on the shopfloor, understand the data in the system to draw the Value stream mapping. It is actually going through a virtual Gemba Walk!

Thanks to this game your teams gain the confidence to start a real VSM project after playing in the virtual one! 


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"It's like real life, which means I'm going to have to seek, to discuss with operator, to look around and most importantly I have to ask myself questions." Continuous Improvement team, MBDA



How to make the right prioritization of the Work Orders in front of the work center? 

How to manage the Work in Progress (WIP)? 

Thanks to this game your team will get the differences between the short term scheduling methodologies (FIFO, Critical Ratio, Theory of Constraint, DDMRP,...)  through a digitalized visual management board.

In this game, you play the role of the scheduler and have to understand why are your Work Orders frozen, where is the right priority, and how to manage all Work orders visually. 


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“After playing this game, we implemented the solution (18 months ago) : today we have reached on optimal 100% OTD and our inventory dropped by 30%” Antoine C., CEO AVIACOMP

FLOW Project Management Games


How to manage your multiple projects differently? 

How to finish your projet on time?

Thanks to this game, your team will get the keys to improving resource planning, project definition and team efficiency.

In this game, you play the role of the project manager (PMO) and you will play 4 games to understand the management of multiple projects simultaneously with the proper rules.


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"Some aspects of the method are quite mind-blowing. It remains to define on which perimeter to start and launch."