FLOW Project Management

Secure and accelerate your projects' delivery

Your Challenges


Do you face difficulties in managing your projects?

  • A disappointing performance,
  • Your projects don't finish on time,
  • Your team are not focused on the project task,
  • Your time to market is too slow...

What if flow runs your projects!

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Our Methodology



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What do we propose to you

pipeline portefeuille projets

Projects Portfolio


  • Set up the project portfolio with the right rituals
  • Set up flow mechanisms driven by critical resources
  • Speed up decision-making on project launch actions
plan de projet network diagram


Network Diagram

  • Build the project plan by clarifying data/deliverables of the tasks
  • Identify the sequence of critical tasks of your projects and taking into account the resources
  • Simulate the project portfolio with potential new projects
analyse predictive

Predictive Analysis


  • Set up project performance indicators
  • Set up project portfolio indicators
  • Simulate the project portfolio with potential new projects
kanban board execution



  • Set up visual management and associated rituals
  • Set up the sprint/relay race between the teams
  • Identify areas for continuous improvement for the next project



Your Results


finished project within 3 months


project acceleration


project delivered on time

Anthony FOUQUE
Anthony FOUQUÉ
Mission & Project Management
Department Director