Flow Project Management

Reduce your Time to Market to ensure customer demand & get control of your projects.  


  • Project Network Diagram
  • Project pipeline
  • Project rules based on Critical Chain, Agile and Lean Engineering methodologies


  • Reduce your time to market by 50%
  • Finish 100% of your project on time
  • Get 100% of your project under control (transparency & tracking)

Industrial Market


Flow Project Management


As a Supply Chain Consulting company, we focus on FLOW !

Our customers shared with us that their Product introduction Project or Continuous Improvement initiatives are late, over budget with a lack of control. We developed an offer applies Supply Chain technics into Project environment :


Project management support


AGILEA offers partnership & technical support on your supply Chain projects. As technical expert we can support your Supply Chain project manager on the solution implemented in your company.

Our support can be done on activity as below :

  • Non Value Added & missing process Analysis
  • Supply chain Process implementation
  • Process re-engineering
  • Supply Chain transformation Projects


In April 2020 we launched a Project management survey to analyze the practices of project management teams. 

Principals results of this project management survey on PMO & project team practices : 

> Projects are structured in 50 % of the cases, but the structure has a chance to change by 30% 
> Priorities change in 90% of the cases 
> Communication & data shared by the PMO regarding projects need to be more relevant
> Multitasking is a mantra, for 95% of us! 
> There are missing methodology or miss of structure for project management teams
Global conclusion; 73% of the projects finish late regarding the initial engagement!