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> What is the Flow Simulation Game? 

A digital serious game for Supply Chain Training & Workshops

The digital version of the 'Beer Game' with customization's option (Logo/Colors/Demand level / Supply Chain nodes).

In this game the players will have the role of Supply Chain manager of a company. 

This game is proposing to simulate a Supply Chain in order to introduce the management of Customers' demand, Suppliers' order book, inventory levels, backlog ... 

Simulation on an MRPII and DDMRP environment. 

This game could be played online or on-site.  Digital Beer Game - Flow Simulation Game






> The pedagogical target of the Game?  

  • Understand what is the management of a Supply Chain 
  • Introduce the Bullwhip effect 
  • Play with the role of the inventory
  • Show the Demand management and impact of the variability
  • Get the difference between MRPII & DDMRP models.

Simulation on Going




> How to access to the game? 

Contact us to get a demo or register to the next one => HERE


=>  How does it work? :  HERE