Get the key of the supplier performance to impact your own performance
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The good performance of our organization is closely linked to our supplier performance.

During our past activities, we deployed many tools to perform the suppliers' activities: audits; process; Multi-Functional Teams (MFT), measure and performance review, sharing forecast, collaboratives tools, and process implementation…

All these actions helped to improve the suppliers' performance and then our own performance!

But it seems to be that it’s not enough… a small part of the suppliers, often key actors of our supply chain (technically or commercially) could create an important bullwhip effect.

We are convinced, the real supplier development is done when you act on the maturity of the suppliers, and when you implement long term methodology.

What does it mean?  Many people can say: We already did this! We spent too much cash! It will work some moth and then …

We developed with the team AGILEA a complete Supplier performance solution. Thanks to the high experience of the team on supply chain management, we propose an implementation process of your Supplier performance strategy. 

Our action is based on 2 axes:

  • Strategy definition & teams competence development
  • Performance maturity and global integration in the purchasing strategy

Supplier Management cycle











We are confident about supplier development activities should be implemented with training and operational support. It has to be done as a real transformation project with the involvement of all management teams.

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