Introduction on DDMRP - Return of experience of our workshop in San diego
  • AGILEA and its partners

The 21st Feb 2020 we launched the DDMRP Workshop by Agilea with the Flow Simulation Game  


Great success for the team and participant there! 

We learned and played at the same time with the Flow Simulation Game created by AGILEA Techno's team. 

8 participant attended the Workshop from Aerospace / Medical device and Manufacturing environment (from San Diego and Los Angeles) 

We demonstrated a great Bullwhip effect with the MRP2 simulation and get an OTD of the supply chain around 74% 

And improved considerably the performance of the supply chain thanks to the DDMRP methodology and with a much higher demand variability

(The Supply Chain OTD was 96% and 40% of Cost reduction) 


Planning of the 4h workshop : 

- Introduction of the DDMRP methodology with the theoretical approach (validated by Demand Driven Institute) 

- First Flow Simulation Game - MRP2 methodology 

- Second Simulation - DDMRP methodology 

- Conclusion & Feedback 

- Presentation of DDMRP implementation cases 


If you desire to get more information on the DDMRP introduction Workshop => Contact Us !