Is you S&OP process relevant ?
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The S&OP or SIOP process is not only a demand & production plan adjustment activity, but a founding process which drives the companies' business, its growth, and sustainability.
We propose to the S&OP teams 5 points to quickly identify if your S&OP is robust enough, regarding the S&OP Best Practices and fundamentals. 


1. Demand Management and S&OP

  • Are volumes validated during S&OP inputs to the budget process?
  • Are marketing and sales using demand review to implement actions?


2. New Product Management - NPI 

  • Are NPI managed into the S&OP process? As soon as the design phase starts?
  • Are the results of the product launch analyzed (impact on expected Turnover, capacity adjustment,...)?


3. Top Management Commitment 

  • Do the Sales, Operation, Finance & Supply Chain managers participate in final review and decision agreement?
  • Are the investments and ROI driven into the S&OP process?


4. Sales & Operation Plan Management / Sales, Inventory & Operation Plan

  • Is the monthly process including demand review, production plan review, and scenarios simulations?
  • Are problems shared clearly with all the S&OP team?
  • Are all inputs of the S&OP analyzed without confusion?


5. Communication 

  • Are meeting expectations clearly defined?
  • After each S&OP review, are outputs and decisions clearly communicated and action plan shared to the impacted team leaders?


We propose you a pdf document to tick the box => HERE 

Did you tick all the boxes? Congrats! You set up a robust S&OP process.

You are wondering about your S&OP process's efficiency?
We built a complete S&OP/SIOP analysis tool to support the improvement of your S&OP.

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