Join us ! FREE demo of our Digital games during the ASCM virtual conference
  • AGILEA and its partners

Join us to discover 3 digital games we are using during our ONLINE Supply Chain training. 

> Flow Simulation Game: How to demonstrate the bullwhip effect, inventory management, Lot size, Supply Chain communication... 

We propose also a version with the Demand Driven MRP methodology to understand and practice! 


> Virtual Factory: Understand and practices supply chain and lean tools thanks to the AGILEA virtual factory. Create your Value Stream Mapping (VSM), understand data management, Theory of constraint, ... 


> Smart Queue: How to manage WO, understand the Priority planning methodology (FIFO, Critical ratio, ... ), and data management. 


Join us to the FREE demo and get info on how to access these digital games, to propose something different to your trainees and team for your digital training. 

 - 15th Sept DEMO - Take your SEAT

- 16th Sept DEMO - Take your SEAT