MASTERCLASS : Dusting off the Theory of Constraints for recovering quickly & efficiently from the COVID19 economic crisis
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AGILEA Group and AGIRE, its R&D lab with IMT Mines Albi, have the pleasure of inviting you to the online masterclass,

Dusting off the "Theory of Constraints" for recovering quickly and efficiently from the COVID-19 economic crisis

Presentation of the use of the TOC concept for your Supply Chain during the crisis & IT tool developed by our R&D program.

#SupplyChainManagement #ProjectManagement

Led by Dr. Louis Faugère, AMAZON
and Anthony Fouqué, AGILEA Group & AGIRE Research Lab


December 10th, 2020


7am PST (Los Angeles)
10am EST (New York)
4pm CEST (Paris)  




Louis Faugère is a Research Scientist at Amazon. He received a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, Supply Chain Engineering at the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Louis' research interests are at the intersection of the Physical Internet, Supply Chain Engineering, and Logistics. In particular, his research contributions focus on designing and managing complex systems with Industrial Engineering, Operations Research, and Artificial Intelligence techniques.


Anthony Fouqué is a Consultant and Trainer at AGILEA Group. He is also the Mission & Project Management Department Director and Ph.D. student at AGIRE, the R&D lab of AGILEA with IMT 

Anthony's research is focused on developing an innovative approach to identify and characterize the dysfunctions of the companies.

In order to quickly establish an inventory of the situation and to support the equally rapid definition of an operational progress plan with the use of the Theory of constraint methodology.