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All AGILEA content is available online. We propose to you standard and customized training content to improve your skills in Supply Chain Management, procurement, scheduling, Lean Management, ...

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In the current context of the COVID-19 virus

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There is a question that often comes up during our training sessions about multitasking: "How do we stop it?".

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Carol Ptak teaches a Demand Driven Planner (DDP) program in Tucson. The session was used to qualify a new instructor in the US.

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Get the Webinar on Flow Project management or Critical Chain Project Management & SCI Forma demo.

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Return of experience of the 4h Workshop to introduce DDMRP methodology with the Flow Simulation Game

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Want to understand the DDMRP method ? Need to create a competitive advantage for your company ? Join the next DDP class in San Diego, CA. on 14/15th May

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We are engaged in many events this year to promote the improvement of your supply chains; Come and meet us in different place in USA.

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Operators, engineers, students, high manager, … we have multiple profiles of trainees. One common thing for all of them, the serious game is the most effective pedagogical method to get the operationality of the theory! Digitalisation is nowadays and a future way of working. For every training, we propose a serious game and moreover we developed our digital serious games.