Our Master Class about use of Theory of Constraint in Supply Chain management today - Supply Chain Management R&D Laboratory
  • AGILEA and its partners

Great success for our Master class with the thematic: Dusting off the « Theory of Constraints » for recovering quickly and efficiently from the COVID-19 economic crisis. 

Presentation of the use of the TOC concept for your Supply Chain during the crisis & IT tool developed by our R&D program.

> Supply Chain Management in 2020 and beyond the COVID-19 economic crisis
> Applicability of the Theory of constraint and concrete tools developed by AGIRE laboratory

More than 120 registrations & 65 participants! 

Great discussions and questions, the video is coming soon! 


Here is the presentation link if you missed it or would like to read it again! 

Contact us to get the presentation: agathe.vignolle@agilea-group.com