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Our post crisis offerings



Set of tools to recover 

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Market & Supply chain perspectives

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Our transition management experts

Experienced supply chain professionals with your teams

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Discover our agile offerings to:
- Improve your supply chain
- Be Prepared for further situations


Development of your skills and your team's competencies

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Where do you stand now?

  • Protect

    To address the immediate challenges COVID 19 represents your Supply Chain, your staff, your partners, and your short term cash flow.


    To draw up an assessment of your resources and their state: what, how many, where? 


    To plan your activities depending on the qualified demand, your real resources. To share your priorities with your partners.


    To monitor the deviations from your plans and to set up adequate measures to bridge any gap.


  • Anticipate

    To better qualify your customer's demand and manage the orders and forecast gaps. To increase the visibility on your value chain and to be transparent.


    To get an assessment of your industrial processes and consider what could be done differently.


    To accelerate flows as far as possible by focusing resources on the ESSENTIAL for your company. (cash flow generation)


    To continuously adapt your company to a new normality. To empower the decision-making process (S&OP).


  • Learn

    To learn from this crisis and define improvements.


    To imagine new business opportunities (different environments, services, …) and to give rise to new business models.


    To increase the automation of low-value tasks and efficiently digitalize your Supply Chain


    To improve resilience and agility in an increasingly variable environment.