Prepare your next generation Supply Chain - AGILEA & SCALIAN event
  • AGILEA and its partners

How to prepare your next-generation Supply Chain?

AGILEA & SCALIAN propose you a Webinar about tools to assess and prepare the future of your supply chain 

The target of the presentation is to present you the tools to assess your Supply chain & get the keys to getting the agile Supply Chain. 

Who doesn’t want to avoid late deliveries, shortages, and poor quality?

Who wants to get the view of the skills level of the teams?

How to simulate your scenarios? Get the projected ROI, projected OTD, projected lead time…


Key steps of the presentation : 

> Industrial maturity 

Nine key areas of a manufacturer's business, and is a good starting point for improving robustness and efficiency.

> Skills assessment 

The tools without the knowledge can't provide you the performance. Skills assessment is based on the APICS level to provide you the skills level of your teams & get the training program to support your targeted performance.

> Modeling 

Assess the Work in progress (WIP) & identify the bottleneck of your industrial network.

> Simulation 

Simulate the scenarios of your targeted performance (ROI, OTD, lead time, WIP, …). We use the tools to propose you the forecasted model and support your decision in term of investment & decisions.


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We are looking forward to seeing you!