Safe Flow

Install and deploy a complete offer for your business, at your own pace



Implement and deploy multiple project portfolios

  • Allow your company to implement the approach with the expert's support,

  • Allow your team  to implement the methodology on multiple project portfolios,

  • Allow your company to follow the teams' project management skills development.

Our approach


The team implements the portfolio's management tools

Network Diagram, pipeline and project management indicators implementation


The team implements the rituals and shares the first results

Increase the number of finished projects, priorities’ control

The team boosts the methodology use

The team is predictive in its results.

What will be your next FLOW Project Management implementation?


What will you get?

Your Dedicated Project Management Toolbox
  • KIT for training and implementing a project portfolio (Project Plan, Portfolio, KPI, etc.)
  • Unlimited access to all content
A Dedicated Support
  • Knowledge bases provision of 16 modules to support the implementation of the method:
    • The team installs the methodology parameters
    • The team sets up the associated rituals and shares its first results
    • The team boots the method
    • What will be the next implementation?
  • Remote technical support to answer all questions, launch the deployment phases, etc. (coupled with in-situ monitoring support on the pilot portfolio)
Methodological Support with our Experts
  • Unlimited access to the self-learning platform, powered by AGILEA
  • A real project manager community (aerospace, medical device, automotive...)
  • Monitoring of proper implementation and execution during the expert's visits
  • Remote support if we have chosen a remote monitoring mode

The FLOW Project Management KIT

  • Multiple videos to build the NWD, Pipeline, Management rules
  • Multiple capsules on tips, tricks & pitfalls to avoid in the flow project management deployment
  • 15 articles and two eBooks to understand the technical points of our methodology
  • The complete training Self Learning
  • Videos of users interacting live on implementation, key points feedback
  • 10 case studies and videos

How does it work?


An annual subscription

  • We support you on a weekly basis

  • We provide you with all the elements to deploy the 4 stages of our approach

  • You access the knowledge base of 16 modules allowing the implementation and deployment of the method

  • You benefit from remote support to answer all questions, launch the deployment phases, etc

  • The self-learning platform allows you to be part of a community of customers ready to help each other

  • The offer concerns the entire company and not a specific portfolio

Anthony FOUQUE
Anthony FOUQUÉ
Mission & Project Management
Department Director