Supply Chain Diagnosis in Healthcare company
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Supply Chain Diagnosis in Healthcare company  


AGILEA proceed to a Supply Chain diagnosis in Healthcare company. 
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Supply Chain? Where is the bottleneck? What are the products' manufacturing lead times? 
Are the team in the right direction? 
So many questions we could answer on a 3 weeks diagnosis. 


===>  Stakes

> Make a complete supply Chain process diagnosis within 3 weeks

> Identify all non-performance root causes

> Propose a Supply Chain realistic road map on a 6-month planning


===> Context

> Healthcare market, 150 employees, 1 manufacturing site

> Engineer to order and Make to order product

> High ramp-up of the forecasted sales


===> Our Methodology

> One project manager to coordinate the global action

> Qualitative analysis :

  • 30 interviews with employees, from Logistic, manufacturing/production, purchasing, MRO, quality, accounting, IT, …  
  • Process modeling
  • Value stream mapping project

> Quantitative analysis

> Special workshop with trees method analysis with Executive Committee


===> Results 

> Supply Chain road map defined  :

  • 160 quick wins identified
  • 11 transformation projects launched
  • Planification tool proposed

> Performance increased by 15% after 6 months

> Stock decreased by 30 % in qty 


Supply Chain Road Map, AGILEA project 2017 in Healthcare company, France