Supply Chain Fundamentals
Duration : 6 days Onsite or 8 online sessions 
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AGILEA, created by former Supplier Manager of multiple industrial environments, developed a structured training and coaching process for Supplier Performance Manager & Supplier Developer


> Assimilate the challenges and main processes of Supply Chain Management

> Get the tools to manage the suppliers and improve their performance

> Lead a project to validate the knowledge learned during the training class.


Supplier manager, Supplier Performance Managers, Supplier developers, Supply Chain managers. 

  • Day 1

    > Pedagogical game: the Flow Simulation Game (variability in a Supply Chain)

    > Introduction to Supply Chain Management

    > The planning and management of an industrial activity

    Day 2

    > Demand management and forecasting techniques

    > The management plan

    > Net requirements calculation

    Day 3

    > Capacity management and workshop management

    > Aggregated and detailed inventory management

    > Purchasing and physical distribution of stocks

    Day 4

    > Lean and total quality management

    > The theory of constraints

    > Mock exam and debriefing before the official exam

    > A 2.5-hour exam will be held about ten days after day 4





    The experience of our trainers: all are APICS Endorsed Instructors and have a strong experience in the industry and are former Supplier Managers

    A quiz support platform and online courses to practice the exam with a base of more than 450 questions.


    Individual email or telephone support provided by the trainer for any questions, doubts or misunderstandings about the training.