Supply Chain Skills

Enhance the Supply Chain competencies of your teams and get visibility on the skills level of your workforce. We provide Supply Chain training and coaching to support your Supply Chain performance. 

Our pedagogical material is wide: from customized workshop to the use of digital serious games to improve the acquisition of knowledge


  • Training documents, learning system
  • Coaching (individual & teams)
  • Competences analysis report of your teams
  • Digital Serious Game 


  • 99% of our trainees recommend AGILEA
  • Your team are100% self directed
  • 100% of your team analysed on Supply Chain knowledge

Industrial Market


Supply Chain Training & Coaching


Training subject :

  • Basics of Supply Chain Management 
  • DDMRP Training - Demand Driven Planner 
  • Project Management - Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM)  
  • Procurement & Ordering
  • Supplier development, Supplier Management
  • Lean tools (VSM, 5s, Pull solution, …)

Competences & Skills analysis


AGILEA has developed Supply Chain skills analysis & improvement processes.

Supply Chain services include the following activities : ordering, scheduling, supplier development; purchasing (manager & operators)

Digital Serious Game


The serious game is the most effective pedagogical method to get the operationality of the theory. Digital is nowadays and future tool to work effectively.

For every training, we propose an immersive serious game developed by our teams.


More particularly, AGILEA developed DDMRP digital serious game "Flow Simulation Game - DD version" validated by the Demand Driven Institute.


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