Tailor-made Program
Formats: Co-building of custom Supply Chain training adapted to company's stakes  -  Supply Chain Academy
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  • workshop


Experienced professionals who are willing to deep-dive on Supply Chain Management topics and validate their skills with a certification;

Supply Chain managers, Planning managers, Operations managers, wishing to develop and validate their skills in Supply Chain Management, in detail, in particular on the planning and management processes.


Supply Chain Director, Operations Director/COO, Information System Manager, Warehouse Manager, Flow Performance Manager, Material Planning Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Continuous improvement leaders, Planners, Buyers, S&OP manager.... all supply chain team members.


- Get the supply chain skills needed by the company 

- Implement Supply Chain management tools to facilitate daily operational activities 

- Coordinate projects to improve operational performance: customer service, cash flow, financial assets

- Monitor best practices for managing a supply chain


- Develop tailor-made program directly linked to the Supply Chain management strategy of the company 

Improve the team's member skills to drive the company performance 

Create a Supply Chain academy of the company 

Example of thematics we cover

  • Demand Management and Forecast
  • Procurement & Ordering
  • Inventory Management
  • Supplier Development, Supplier Management
  • Purchasing
  • Planning
  • Supply Chain Leadership
  • Lean Tolls ( VSM, 5S, Pull solution,...)
  • Project Management - Criticail Chain Project Management
  • ...