Time to Market Reduction Workshop
Format: Online
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People interested to discover a new project Management method.

All people working on a project in all services: Supply Chain, operations, R&D, Planning, ....


- Get the problem of today's Project Management: variability; student syndrome, Parkinson's law; multitasking...

- Understand the methodology thanks to a serious game and get the keys to reducing your time to market.

- Introduce the concepts of the Critical Chain Project Management & Flow Project management.

- Discover the Flow Project management methodology.
This methodology is a mix of Agile, critical chain project management; lean management & project management inovative.


- AGILEA offers you an online gaming session to discover flow project management methodology.

Are you finishing your project on time ? Do you have difficulties to have the right view of the project status ?

What are your levers for managing multi project.

- Flow project management methodology will allow you to improve project control at the heart of your project management by providing better visibility.

Take part in this online session and discover the impacts of the implementation of the Flow Project management.


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  • Interactive and digital game to understand the challenges of project management.

    Role play where participants play the role of a project manager.

    The game adapts to remote sessions allowing students be active during all the session


  • Educational tools

    - Digital game session

    AGILEA's +

    - Work situation with a serious game.

    - Individual email or telephone support provided by the trainer for any questions about the workshop.


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  • Project Management
  • Time to Market
  • Lead Time Reduction
  • Multi Project Management
  • Agile
  • Online
Duration: 4 hours
Cost: $90
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